Cookie Policy

Alessa (“we”, “us”, “Alessa”) is concerned with protecting your personal data. With this Cookie Policy, Alessa informs you about the cookies that we use on our website www.alessa.co (“the website”).

What are website cookies?

When interacting with a website, data files are stored within your browser. The data files store information about the interaction on the website in order to improve the experience with it. The technology takes your preferences to personalise the website for individual visits and to improve the functionality of the website.

You can control your browser’s cookie settings, including declining the use of cookies. If you use more than one browser, the settings need to be adjusted in each browser.


Cookies that are necessary for the technological use of the website do not require your consent. Any other cookies that require your consent, will be obtained through the frontpage of the website. You are able to change or withdraw your consent at any time.

The website will automatically ask for a renewal of your consent every 12 months.

You can change your consent and preferences directly in your browser.

Types of cookies

Alessa does not use first party cookies on the website, but may allow partners to place cookies on our website. These cookies are called third party cookies and are used to measure website usage, such as tracking requests and throttle users, help us conduct risk assessment, and to map activities on the website. In order to understand the usage of our website, Alessa works with analytic partners, including Google Analytics.

Some cookies from our partners include targeting and marketing in order to serve ads that they think will interest you. These cookies can also be used to measure the effectiveness of ads. You may opt-out of marketing cookies.

Retention period

All cookies can be changed in your browser settings.

Most cookies on our website are session-cookies, meaning that they are only stored while you are using the website. After leaving the website the cookies are deleted.

Persistent cookies are stored in your browser until the retention period expires or you manually remove the cookie in your browser cookies.


If you have any questions about cookies or the use of such, you can contact our email: info@alessa.dk or:

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